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ROADTRIP! BMX in Virginia beach. That pretty much sums up Episode. 4. Scotty Cranmer continues where he left off in Episode. 3 by driving to Virginia Beach, Virginia for the East Coast Surfing Championship where Vans host the Vandoren Invitational BMX competition. Matty Cranmer and The Big Boy meet Scotty down there as Matty and Scotty compete against eachother, and Big Boy eats a slice of pizza in one bite! Tons of laughs, crazy riding, and goodtimes! Scotty gets first place! and then the crew enjoys their last day at an awesome concrete skatepark! Follow @scottycranmer on instagram and twitter and add his fan page on Facebook and make sure you SUBSCRIBE!!!



  • Scotty Cranmer
  • Matty Cranmer
  • Official Big Boy


  • Vans Competition


  • Virginia Beach, VA