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05/13/2017 4:00 pm Share link:


Big Boy's mystery eats is back, and this time around we are doing a $100 blindfolded food challenge! The rules are there will be 10 different kinds of food on the table he has to eat the food and guess what kind of food it is and for every piece of food that is guessed correctly he will win $10! The first food was tofu, the second was spam, the third was seaweed, the fourth was liverwurst, the fifth was Eel, the sixth was Clams, the seventh was red beet eggs, the eighth was cocktail onions, the ninth was coconut oil, and the last food was cinnamon marshmallows! I can't imagine eating all of those at once and I'm sure nobody else could either but big boy is a different kind of person! Big boy isn't scared of any food challenge and I'm excited to see what he eats next!