What's this site all about?

This site was created to give you, the Scotty Cranmer channel fan, a better way to access your favorite episodes!

Here on this site, you can browse, search, and filter the episodes to quickly find what you want to watch! When you hit PLAY, you'll be taken to Scotty's YouTube Channel, so he gets the view, just like if you started on YouTube!


  • Why did you create this site?
    • We created this site so everyone can easily find the episodes they want to see again.
  • How can I search?
    • Enter the word or phrase you want to find in the search box. For instance, enter "spinal" and you'll instantly find all the videos which contain that word in the title or description!
  • Does this site steal ad revenue from Scotty's channel?
    • Absolutely not! All video plays come from Scotty's channel. We are actually driving traffic to his channel, which may even get him more ad revenue. (We hope it does!)
  • How do I filter?
    • Click on the Filter tab, and you will be able to choose videos based on things like where the video was shot, and who was in it! #youcantdothatonyoutube