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04/16/2021 4:00 pm

Building Up The Biggest Game Of Bike Ever!

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This is the event preview video for our Big Game Of Bike and our BMX Jam coming up in Texas in two weeks! I give out all the information that I currently have and I also do a background bio on the two riders competing against each other in the Big Game, Cory Berglar and the X games Gold Medalist BMX legend Morgan Wade! I am so excited about this event and you guys should be too so make sure you check the livestreams on April 30th and May 1st!

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04/06/2021 5:00 pm

We Have Never Seen A Tire Fail Like This Before!

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We filmed another amazing obstacle course video and decided that we were going to film a second video using each obstacle to see what kind of tricks the guys can get completed! Matty Cranmer did a crazy dumpster jump while Cory Berglar did a huge backflip tail whip over Matty's WRX! Dom Simoncini did a crooked grind off the storage container and Vinny Mannino did a wild double tail whip up onto of the container and did a cat like maneuver off the side! Then Matty's back tire failed and came off of his rim and we have never seen a tire ever do that before!