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01/06/2021 4:00 pm

"Everything Hurts"- Cory Berglar vs. Skatepark Rail

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I brought my new bike to the skatepark for the first time in front of Cory Berglar and he was very jealous. To make things worse he had a tumble riding the skatepark rail and he said "everything hurts" It was a rough day for puppy arms

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01/05/2021 4:00 pm

Building My Personal Titanium Bike!

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I have finally built up my personal titanium BMX bike after making some custom fabrication modifications to make the bike unique and even lighter! I also installed a one of a kind Brake system that is so cool!

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01/04/2021 4:00 pm

Is This Roller Coaster Bike Actually Going To Work?

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We built a DIY Roller Coaster Bike and today is the day that we are going to ride it and see if it actually works! We have four different BMX riders attempting forward rolls and Matty Cranmer is going to attempt a world's first backwards loop!